Friday, August 12, 2011

How sad for you

I just realized you haven't had the pleasure to hear about my antics for almost two weeks. How sad for you.
No, for real.  I feel like so much has happened, but none are The Real Me blogworthy. So I will tell you what would happen in my perfect world, as if I was still living my normal life.

In my perfect world:

At dance camp, we received the Camp Champs trophy- opposed to the "Most Improved" award, which is given to teams who walk away with no other awards.
The girls who tried out for staff received an application- they were the only two who tried out who did not, and they are VERY decent dancers.
When I wake up in the morning, my hair already looks nice, and I remember to brush it everyday.
When my son wakes up in the morning, he says "Mom, I am awake," instead of crying for no reason.
My husband did a great job at his first adult league soccer game of the season, and did not injure himself.  In truth, he can't move his right shoulder and is in a ton of pain because he fell on that side on a slab of concrete.
Li'l Guy missing his two front teeth don't bother me at all :(
The 5 boys in my house right now are playing quietly with one another- HAHAHA!
My house stayed clean for more than two days after it being spotless.
My nephew's team won the final game before the World series 3-2, instead of losing 2-3.
I ran 6.45 miles and didn't think I was going to puke.
I ran 5.05 miles and didn't think I was going to puke.
I ran 5.01 miles and didn't think I was going to puke.
I get didn't come in dead last when I ran with my friends the other day.  (Oh wait, I didn't come in last- the girl who took five weeks off due to a pretty serious injury and has only been running again for a week came in one minute behind me. Hey, I'll take it!)
I don't change my allotted calories on my calorie tracker everyday to allow for my fast food lunches and out to eat dinners! (No joke- I will manually change the amount of calories I can have so I don't see that I have gone over for the day. No wonder I'm still gaining weight!)
And finally, I enjoy getting dressed in the morning because I love my clothes that much!!!!!!!!!!!! Again- HA!

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