Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lock your car!

I blame the Little Guy.

 I got in my car the other morning, and noticed what I thought was my glove compartment, was open and empty.  Nothing else seemed to be bothered or gone, so I thought maybe my husband took the manual out for one reason or another.  I went to work and thought no more about it.  When I left work that day, I stopped by the gas station to get a soda (don't judge, you probably drank soda when you were prego, too!) and I got a dollar from my wallet, and went to grab some coins from the change-holder-thingy, but there was no money.  Hell, the entire change-holder-thingy was gone. Right then I realized two things; my car had indeed been broken into, and they found another glove compartment in my car, which I didn't know about!  

So why do I blame the Little Guy? Well, he was in my purse, stealing my mascara and rubbing it all over the couch, so I can only assume he got into my keys and starting pressing buttons, as he always does!

Moral of the story- lock your car and hide your purse.

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