Monday, May 21, 2012

We are always changing!

As women, our mind, our soul, our thoughts, even our bodies are always changing.  Some for the good, some for the not so good. Here are some of those changes:

- Making more conscious food choices.  These choices are usually for the better. As a kid I would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an eclair for dinner, and have a butterfinger for dessert right before going to bed. I would feel so sick if I did that now!

- Getting a healthy heart.  Most of us do cardio for weight loss or maintenance, but we all know that a good cardio workout is a great cardio workout for your heart.

- Parenting! When I grow up- I will NEVER be like my mom.  And then you turn into her, and realize its not such a bad thing.

- Teenage girls dream about their future husband and how perfect he (and your marriage) is going to be.  Then a couple of years after getting married you realize what you wanted has changed, and then a few more years later, you realize what a great man, father, and partner you have.  And hopefully he will see that in you, too.

- Everything sags before you get "old."

- No matter how much  you do to prevent it, cellulite is a part of life for women.

- Breastfeeding is indeed best for baby, but your boobs WILL NEVER be the same afterwards.

- You will waddle when you are pregnant. Period.

- You let your kids zone out in front of the TV like drooling maniac's because you need to get stuff done.  (And don't tell me you don't!)

- People you love and you are close to will die, and in a horrific manner, and you will question your relationship with God.  And you will question that relationship again, and again, and again.

- Church is still a place for socializing, but it actually becomes a place to foster spiritual experiences and meaningful lessons.

- Going out with friends is fun, but hanging out with your family is sometimes more fun. Your family becomes your best friends.

- Your skin doesn't automatically get better. All kinds of weird spots and bumps show up, and practically out of nowhere.

-Parts of your body you didn't know existed, hurt.  You can throw your back out sneezing.  Hurt your hip reaching. Or crack ribs by playing catch.

But really, each birthday that goes by is another year of wisdom you are able to have, and from which to learn.  Try to be grateful for something big or small, every day of your life.

Today I am grateful for this baby who is sitting on my sciatic nerve and making me pee every 15 minutes!  It means he is growing and healthy!  Love you unnamed baby boy number 3!

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