Sunday, August 12, 2012


 Blake's birthday :)

Sunday, August 5, around 7:30 pm- Drop boys off at Grandma Jones', pick up a burger and a McFlurry on the way home
Monday, August 6, 6 ish- Wake up, take a shower, make sure the bag is packed.  Wait for my mom.
7 (ish)- get to the hospital, wait, and wait, and wait in my room until someone from registration comes in
8- nurse comes in, hands me my stylish gown, and tells me to put it on
8:05- change, WATER BREAKS! nice timing!
8:10- nurse asks 1000 questions, lay in bed, get my IV
8:15- get pitocin (and i ask why am i getting pitocin since my labor has already begun- she informs me it is on the smallest dosage and is barely doing anything)
8:30- feel contractions- damnit- back labor again- my mom helps me breathe through it
8:50-  husband leaves- sigh- he better be back before this baby makes his appearance
9:15- epidural- a hundred more questions- try 1, nope, try 2, wrong spot, try 3, oops, not there either, try 4- well maybe this will work- ok- lay down-
9:20- Ummm- my lower right leg is numb, but I can feel absolutely everything else.
9:30- Epidural clearly not working, anesthesiologist decides I need a spinal block.  So we start the process all over again, with one numb side, and still have back, and now front contractions.
9:45- I can still feel my left hip area, and the contractions/feet in my ribs.  I'm laying in an uncomfortable position, and having a hard time breathing.
10:30- anesthesiologist number 2 comes in, fiddles with machine, gives me something, rolls me to my left side, and I finally feel decent. Thank you Dr. Karp. (Had this guy with Kyle, he was amazing.  We asked for him this time, but he was down in the OR-sigh)
11:00- 5 centimeters checked by nurse- shouldn't my doc be here?
11:35- call Chris and tell him to bring me lollipop and gum, and by the way, why was my pitocin turned up?
11:50- call back Chris and tell him not to stop for lollipop and to speed cause I could tell this guy was coming fast
12- Chris walks in, whew! I'm ready to go!
12:20- Dr comes in, checks me, I'm all the way, but says we can hold off on pushing. Really? Its a good thing most my lower half was numb, because the contractions were definitely close and long. (I could STILL feel him up under my ribs.)
12:30- Nurse gives me my second round of antibiotics and talks soccer with my husband.
1- Doctor comes in, I get cleaned up and prepped, he gets cleaned up and prepped, and I start pushing a few minutes later.(Remember, I'm still numb, so figuring out how to bear down to push and not tighten with my face was a challenge.)
1:25 ish- Dr. says- good gracious he has a big head.  Do all of your kids have big heads?  YES- YES THEY DO!
1:32- Baby! They plopped him on top of me, which I think is a bit gross, but whatever!, and I said- awww- he looks like my other two.  They all commented on how big and beautiful his umbilical cord was- (umm- gross again!) then they cleaned him off, and I heard the cry.  BEST SOUND EVER.
1:45- getting stitches as my Doctor talks to me about how his friends are servers and bartenders, so he can't play with them during the week since he has a big boy job.
1:50 ish- I get to hold my baby and the nurse asked me to try to nurse him.  He wasn't too interested, but after trying for a little bit, he latched right on.  Good boy!

Blake Christopher Jones, 8 pounds 5.7 ounces, 21 1/2 inches long, noggin size- big!


  1. Yea...he's finally here. I didn't know umbilical cords could be pretty (and yes...that is gross). You learn something new everyday!

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