Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm at it again.

SUGAR!  I can't seem to get enough of it these days.  Remember my post from a couple months back where I was responsible for eating an entire package of Oreo's?  Well, I'm craving those stupid Oreo's again.  And candy bars.  And tootsie pops.  And soda.  Pretty much anything super sweet, with no nutritional value, I want it.  For a while there, I was great.  I wouldn't say my issue with sugar ever went away, but it definitely wasn't out of control.  Leading up to Ragnar, when I was in the thick of my training, and then, leading up to my half marathon, when I was putting up the big miles, my need for sucre was at bay.  It was a normal, everyone loves sugar, but not going to indulge everyday type of thing.  But now, man oh man, I am back at it again.  I can attribute it to a couple of things.
1- I'm not training anymore.
2- Its cold outside, and I love me some hot chocolate.
3- I'm away from home and at practice a lot more now than before, so its easy to grab something from the vending machine.
4- I am staying up very late at night to get competition stuff done, and the only good snacks in my house are ice cream and candy.
5- I've fallen into the "its the holidays, I'll be better in the New Year" trap.  This trap is bad- and it sucks people right in!

So while I wait for someone, anyone, to show up to my zumba classes on friday mornings and monday nights, I will consume sugar.  While I am at practice for a double rehearsal, I will consume sugar.  While my littlest has learned how to say "I want kin-y, I want duh- dun (I want candy, I want dumdum) I will give into him, because I want some as well, and I will consume sugar.


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