Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Have I already blogged about this?  Well if I have, sorry, you will hear it again!

Why am I such a procrastinator?  I literally have to wait until all of my family is in bed, there is absolutely nothing on TV and, facebook, twitter, and email have all been checked and no one is posting anything or sending me anything.

I am spending my nights doing programs, t-shirts, to do lists, getting judges and vendors squared away, etc. for this stupid competition on Saturday.  (I say stupid because it is a whole lotta work, and its just little old me doing it all.)  Its not like I didn't start these projects early enough, its that I don't work on them early enough at night, so I can go to bed at a decent hour, and get a good night's sleep.

Man am I tired!  My body is mad at me and rebelling against all of the late nights.  I have a headache, sinus ache, lower back pains, and have recently thought picking up a productive cough would be totally awesome. HA!

I just keep thinking, if I can make it until Saturday night, all will be well- except- scurch- there are two parties and I have to prepare a lesson for Sunday School the next day.  And since I am a procrastinator, I will do it on Saturday night, after everyone goes to bed, or Sunday morning while I am trying to get my kids dressed and ready for church! UGH!

So procrastination I go, until I can figure how to start projects earlier in my day!


  1. NO! Maybe my worksheet will actually work out this time. Did you remind anyone of goodies on Sunday?