Saturday, September 10, 2011

I can't stand it anymore

I am in a bad mood, so I apologize in advance.... so away we go.

I woke up after only having 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night, ready for ANOTHER 10 K.  My youngest was awake before I left, and my significant other wasn't trying to wake up.  I waited til I HAD to leave, dropped my son off on the bed next to his daddy, and ran away before he could chase after me while having a tantrum.

I showed up to the "race" with two thoughts- 1- I wanted to finish without walking, and 2- beat my time from the last time I did it. Number 1- fail. I had to walk twice, for a very brief moment of time, but 2- success! I shaved two minutes off of my time!

I came home to my little one yelling "mamma," with a big snaggle tooth smile, and my big guy was glued to an angry birds game with his dad. After eating lunch, yes, at 10:35 am, and putting my little one to bed, I finally showered. Thank goodness, my smell was even offending me.

A couple hours, and a few knocks on the door later, I decide to rearrange the toy room, for the 4th time in two years.  I guess I can't leave well enough alone! In the process of doing so, the shoddy bookshelf falls apart. Now, a simple rearranging of furniture has become a big undertaking involving heavy books, broken cases, and insufficient storage space for toys.  Grrr...

The boys had been cooped up in the house all day by this point, so I took them outside to play.  Five minutes later, running full speed, comes the son of the tenant's son's girlfriend.  You got that? (We will call him the "friend" for now.) There is no parental/guardian/caretaker unit of his to be found.  Umm... I guess I'm watching over him.  There is one problem.  THIS BOY DOESN'T LISTEN. It's bad enough that I have to constantly keep my attention in two places at one time- making sure one kid doesn't fall off of the big wheel, and the other doesn't ride his bike in the street.  Now on top of it, I have to watch a child who ignores or doesn't understand rules and boundaries.

Here is an example- I just found out that the new anti-social neighbors are anti-social for a good reason!  They have a set of twins who will be two next month, and one doesn't walk or talk, and a small baby- only five months old. (Now I feel kinda bad for being upset that they didn't answer their door when we came over, twice.) The handicapped little boy was sitting on a toy rocket- made for kids under 30 pounds.  The "friend" (who is 5 1/2) sat on the rocket, twice, after my telling him no, and pressed the keys every chance he got.  He almost hit the handicapped square in the head with the big wheel (which is also made for someone under 30 pounds), and DID run over his foot.  I've had enough, but I keep my composure and say its time to go in.  My big boy asks if the "friend" can play inside, and I say sure. UGH!

So now we are back inside, but there are books in the living room and the toy room.  Now, I am not saying my son is innocent, but when he plays with the "friend," he acts, and talks, like the "friend," who is speech delayed, but his mom has never had him tested. He randomly asks for a popsicle, and juice, and a treat.  I politely tell him to go ask his mom, or mom's boyfriend, or mom's boyfriend's mom for a snack and drink.  I always give big boy's friends snacks if they are over here, but this kid comes up three times a week and asks for things.

Now comes the screaming.  Remember, I am already in a bad mood and hungry, nothing I eat is satisfying my hunger, and my body hurts.  So they, yes my son and his "friend" start screaming- every time they run past each other, every time they jump from couch to coffee table, every time they walk on lounge chairs and couch arms. And every time, I politely say "no screaming," or "please don't scream." Then, they scream some more. And the "friend" screeches as he goes up the stairs- which he has been told 115 times not to go up the stairs, and even got sent downstairs a couple nights ago because he couldn't follow that simple rule.

So as I am writing this, in all this commotion, and my little guy throwing a tantrum because I took away my cell phone from him, my big boy comes in crying saying "he punched me right in my eye." I asked him if he did it, he said sorry, and I discussed it with him in front of the stairs so the tenants could hear, then I told him it was time for Collin to eat, and he had to go downstairs.  My big boy starts crying and the "friend" starts crying.  He reluctantly goes downstairs and I actually hear his mom.  In two hours he has been in my care, and that's the first I have heard from her. Might that be a reason he acts the way he does?

I'm still hungry, my body still hurts, and I still want ice cream.  Dairy Queen, anyone?!

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  1. dairy queen? psssh. thats for desert. Five Guys first.