Monday, September 5, 2011

It's been a long time

It's been a long time
Glad to see your face
I knew we'd meet again
Another time, another place!

OK- well it hasn't been that long, but I feel like every time I sit down to blog, I have other things that need to get done.  The other things are usually resting, watching TV, or facebooking.  My husband says I'm addicted to facebook, and although its not a full blown addiction, I would agree that I have a slight problem.  I get updates on my phone, and it's so easy to just hit reply, and keep the conversation going!

Also on my phone, I have the Endomondo fitness tracker.  It uses GPS to get your location, to calculate your distance, duration, pace, and approximate calories burned.  I love it, because I can listen to music, and it chimes in and stops Katy Perry right in her tracks to tell me, in an English, female, robotic voice, "2 miles in 20 minutes 12 seconds, lap time 10 minutes 6 seconds" and then Katy continues, or Kesha, or GaGa, or Shania, or Beastie Boys, or even Journey (yeah, I like a lot of genre's of music.)

I noticed several weeks ago, after a long run, on a really hot day, that there was something really wrong with my phone.  After my run was over, I took the headphones out, and the icon started flashing at me.  My phone was so confused! I couldn't figure out what was wrong til I took off the back cover and there was- we'll call it moisture- all over the battery. I took it apart, wiped everything dry, pieced it all back together, and it started to work again. From then on, I started to put a washcloth, or paper towel, between my arm and the armband, as to catch any extra moisture, before my phone got wet.  (OK- We all know that I am a sweat-er, and that I sweat buckets while running, so this moisture I speak of, is a down right downpour of sweat!  It's really nasty, actually!)

Today, I left my house around 7:25, that's AM bloggy world, to meet some friends before heading up to Burke Lake Park to run the trail.  I remembered my clif bar, water, extra t-shirt, purse, phone, headphones, arm band, and I even set out breakfast for my kids so the babysitters didn't have to do it!  What I didn't remember, was a wash cloth or paper towel.  Once I remembered, it really wasn't that big of a deal because we were running in the shade, and it was a cooler morning than usual.

Although I wasn't going too terribly fast, it was a great run and I didn't feel like stopping, until we got lost and had no idea how to get back to our cars, and had to change directions twice.  I started walking about a 1/4 mile before we found our car and our friends, and at that time I took my armband off. The phone came out of the case, and I unplugged the headphones, and lo and behold, the icon was flashing at me again.  I disassembled it, wiped it all off, put it back together, turned it back on, and immediately checked facebook.  I didn't want to miss anything in the hour I was running and stretching- that would be tragic, you know! I tried to respond to a message, and every time I pressed the n, an h would go in its place, and every 3rd letter would show up.  This is creating big problems for my internet social life.

I took everything apart- AGAIN- and put it back together- AGAIN, and it still didn't work.  So now, my phone is sitting in a container of rice.  Hopefully this time it will work, otherwise I will have to find a game other than bubble buster to play in my spare time. Maybe I'll go clean my house? Nah, let's see what's on TV!

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