Tuesday, September 13, 2011

King and Queen

Trying to figure out what this blog post is about?  I'll give you a hint, sike, I will just tell you.


Yes, in the same day!

I had to sub a half day today, and I was hungry.  In fact, I have been hungry since I ran that 10 K on Saturday morning.  Not my normal, I want junk food, hungry.  I mean, I am craving a fatty steak, burger, or an extra meaty and extra cheesy burrito, hungry. (And before you ask, NO, I am NOT prego!) And I am not counting calories, either, I am just hungry.

Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning pass me by and although I ate every meal, plus snacks, my insatiable hunger had not subsided.  Left overs Sunday night, eggs Monday morning, sandwich and pizza Monday afternoon and evening, but I was still craving something.

I walked into my principal's office, just chatting it up with her and another friend, and I decided I wanted a greasy, full of fat and probably toxins, burger.  Prior to going home, I went to Burger King and ordered a California Whopper Jr.  I think that just might have become my new favorite burger. The guac and bacon and cheese are delightful!  Yummmmmmmmmm

My mom babysat today, so she made dinner, that I didn't particularly care for, so I didn't eat seconds. I did, however, remember my baby daddy (my husband for you lay folk), try to threaten my son by not allowing him the ice cream he was promised if he didn't behave. Oh yeah!  The hubby went off to soccer practice, and I scooped up (pun intended) the kids and took them to Dairy Queen.

It was a great idea, at the time, until moments after consuming a large small kiddie cone, he was face to face with kids on the playground. We only got about 30 minutes of playtime in before it was time to go home because Big Boy was out of control. So we left, came home, and the tenants unleashed their kids to wreak havoc on my house.  I said 30 minutes. It was only 20 before they had to go downstairs because someone was screaming bloody murder due to an ankle and eye injury.  I felt bad for the kid, (I actually like this particular one) but I can't say I was upset that playtime was over.

After having BK and DQ in the same day, I think I will eat healthy tomorrow.  HAHHAHAHAHA!


  1. Because I consumed the amount of calories of two and a half adults in one day?