Friday, May 27, 2011

91 degrees

I went walking with a friend earlier this week, and when I say walking, I mean a 10 minute mile walk with hills. yeah, we were bookin' it! Well, that was supposed to be my rest/crosstrain day. ha! I woke up the next day and the shins were throbbing and knee was aching. I decided to rest that day, which meant I HAD to run on Thursday. Let me give you a little background info about yesterday- HOT! I had a brilliant idea that right after dance team practice, and while my mom was still at my house, I would just run the track before my husband's soccer game.  (Which by the way, my husband's team lost to a team they beat twice already in the regular season, plus that was their first loss of the season.)  I had a dinner date with some fine honey's last night, and I couldn't possibly not show up to run.

I put my brilliant idea into fruition and ran in 91 degree heat.  Sure there was a small breeze, but I swear it was a 95 degree breeze.  I walked for 2 minutes to get my body "going." I ran for 8 minutes before I couldn't breathe.  My body felt heavy.  It seemed as if my legs were going through a swamp.  I ran another two laps, and then walked another lap.  It was greuling.  I finally had to stop altogether since I had sweat beads dripping into my eyeballs and burning them.  Seriously, my eyeballs were burning from my own sweat.  I guess I got a glimpse of what pouring salt into a wound is like.  In order to "treat" myself for my bravery in that rash heat, I ate an entire Red Robin bacon cheeseburger and fries.  Hey, at least I skipped the shake.

I'd love to post more my bloggy friends, but my Li'l Guy has decided to rip off his diaper and put on my high heels.

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