Friday, May 27, 2011

Running Skirt and Oreo's

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running Skirt and Oreo's

Who doesn't love Oreo's and milk? The other day, my husband cut out a coupon for Oreo's and milk from BJ's. Do they sell anything normal sized at BJ's? If you have never been there, the answer is NO! Almost everything is sold in bulk. My husband said he didn't plan on actually getting it, just using the coupon as leverage for my young son who was going with him. (If you are bad, or throw fits, we wont get the Oreo's.) My son usually acts up in the store, so he thought it was a moot point. Since my husband was a man of his word, and my son did not act up in the store (SHOCKING, I KNOW!), he purchased the smallest package of Oreo's there was. 10 sleeves. 10 sleeves with 15 Oreo's each. Do the math people. After my annoyance at seeing this massive calorie heap sitting in my pantry, I took one out of the package. Then, just before dinner, I took two more out. After dinner, my son asked me to have some cookies and milk with him, and of course I had to say yes, but THAT WAS IT. Until the next night. The house was quiet, and as I settled down to watch my DVR shows, I opened up another package, poured myself a big glass of milk, and cozied up on the oversized chair, and propped my feet up on the ottoman. And I dug in. Boy did I dig in. I had a few, and thought, just two more, and I'll be good. My shows had finally ended. I looked down at the sleeve, and there were three left. Again, do the math people. I ATE 12 OREO COOKIES WITH MILK in one sitting. THAT IS 600 CALORIES. EWWWWWWWWWWW.

I went to bed that night feeling totally grossed out. So the next day, I tried not to have too much to eat at lunch, or dinner for that matter. It was late- nearing dark -when I went for my run and even though no one could see me, I put on my new sports bra (yes, I actually still have to wear one), my new tank top, and my new running skirt. I've read a couple of posts on different blogs about how new running attire can make a difference, so I bought a couple new things at Kohl's the other day. I was looking cute and ready for my run. ( Backtrack, do you remember my last post about my knee hurting after my run in my new shoes? Unfortunately, with fibromyalgia, once you hurt/injure yourself, the pain likes to hang out for a while.) I am determined not to be the slowest runner at that Ragnar Relay Race in September, so I figured I would push through the pain, and do some hills. I started out with a slow quick walk, so far so good. I was looking cute and not in pain. I started running and oh my goodness! Although my knee and shins were totally fine, MY THIGHS WERE RUBBING TOGETHER. Remember, I was in a running skirt, complete with spandex booty shorts underneath. Those things rode up and the rubbing began. I HATE the feeling of having my thighs rub together, and although it has been a couple of years since they HAVEN'T done that, I still don't like the feeling.

So my conclusion is: I need to run more, and eat less Oreo cookies, so I wont be annoyed by my thighs rubbing together in my cute little running skirt!

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