Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodbye "City" Rug

 Tuesday night I went to cheer try-outs to help out some of the boys with their stunting.  My mom put Lil Guy to bed with his bottle.  I know its a bad thing to do, but sometimes that's all he wants and he will slumber quickly in la-la land if he has his bottle in bed.  So I came home, sore as crud!  I'm 31, haven't stunted in a year or so, and haven't spotted in a half year or more.  Add in fibromyalgia, and I'm done.  Anyways, I went to bed right after watching the DVR'd Dancing With the Stars. The next morning, my husband ACTUALLY woke up before me and Lil Guy.  (This usually doesn't happen!) DH got the cute smiling baby out of his crib, with his bottle in hand.  Mind you- I am still asleep.  He rattles off some words about a bottle, and lays him down next to me.

My second born is happily sucking away because he doesn't get bottles in the morning- he's over one for crying out loud! But again, I am half unconscious so Whatever.  Fast forward to after breakfast, he poops. Before his nap, he poops. When we picked up Collin from pre-school- pooped as soon as we got home. I think to myself, he must be sick. No temp, not terribly fussy, he just keeps pooping.  OH THE BOTTLE WAS FROM LAST NIGHT.  Well, what can you do now? 

I can take off his diaper and let his bottom air out because of the WICKED rash the antibiotics he was on last week gave him.  I realized he was pooping every 2 or so hours. He had just done the deed, so I figured I was safe for at least an hour and a half.  As I am playing on Facebook and Twitter, I hear a noise.  A loud you know what noise coming from the toy room.  Fearing the worst, I run into the toy room and there is Lil Guy standing in his own poo.  On his legs, on his socks, and on the City rug that is meant for HotWheels and Matchbox cars. 

I go into Mom mode, take his clothes off, get him into the sink- the bathtub is upstairs and I feared for my carpet if I took him all the way up there, and clean him off.  I put all of the dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then I just stare at the toy room.  The thoughts in my mind- spot shot, steam vac, throw away.  Since the rug wasn't stapled down to the ground, and it wasn't really big enough to steam vac, and spot shot would have meant a lot of up close and personal with my son's poo- the throw away thought won.  And you know what, the Big Boy didn't even get upset or throw a tantrum, at which he is really good.  So the moral of the story, if a baby has loose stool, don't let him go around without a diaper on, unless you are prepared to throw something away!

How can something this cute, make such a mess?
(yes, this was a couple of months ago, but he is seriously cute in this pic!)

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