Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 cookouts and a run

It sounds painful already, right?  Well it was.  For lunch, my two kids and I were invited down to bumpkin Fredericksburg for a picnic and swimming, and I wasn't asked to bring, make, or buy anything! Freeloading at its finest. We have fried chicken and all the stuff that goes with it.  It was lovely.  We showed up, late of course, cause it was in bumpbutt Frednecksburg, ate, then headed on over to the pool. All of Fredericksburg and half of Stafford was at the pool, and we had guests coming over for dinner, so we left after about an hour.  We got home and I made a yummy dessert using the very yummy, and tasty, Oreo Cookies!  (There is only a half of a sleeve left, thank all that is good above!) My family finally came over an hour late- typical for my family, and I was in a foul mood because I was HUNGRY.  Since hubby was out of town, losing soccer games (oops, did I say that), I was grill master.  Yes, I overcooked everything.  But no one ever got food poisoning from anything being overcooked.  So I continued to cook those little suckers until they were like hockey pucks! I finally sat down and enjoyed my food :) Although I didn't have A LOT of food to eat, what I did have was heavy. 

By the time my babies daddy came home, it was like 8:30, and finally cool enough to run.  I went out with my new running shoes- finally- and started running.  I was running at kind of a decent pace for me, and I was feeling good. I decided I would start my speed interval training since I did have some energy, and no knee pain!  About two minutes in- full on sprint for twenty paces, then I went about another two minutes, and sprinted again, I did this four times and decided I was going to puke if I did it one more time.  I slowed down significantly, called myself a couple of bad names for wanting to stop, and kept on truckin'. I allowed myself to walk once I envisioned myself puking on the side of the road.  Running is very hard for me, so we are talking only 20 or so minutes of running.  Another lesson learned- if you are going to run directly after eating, make sure it wasn't a hamburger and dessert that you just consumed, and make sure not to start your speed interval training :)

Even though my new running shoes are ugly, no knee, ankle or shin pain today!  SUCCESS! Now excuse me while I wipe the crumbs of iced animal crackers off of my leather couch.

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  1. That is way awesome, Corina, and I'm glad you didn't puke.