Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh, what a week!

So much has happened in the last week.  This is real life ya'll, this can't be made up....

Moral of the story: Don't get a wild hair up your butt and think that sheer willpower is going to be sufficient for a higher mileage than you are used to.
Story: One of my running buddies had a good idea for a run.  We would run to a water bottle, drink it, and then run back.  It would mark the miles for us, and it would be an incentive to keep going since its been HOT around here lately! She put waters at the 2 mile mark, the 3 mile mark, and the 4 mile mark.  So that means we would be running 4 miles, 6 miles, or 8 miles total.  OBVIOUSLY, I wasn't going for the 6 or 8 and she didn't really put anything at the 1.5 mile marker (which 3 is my goal), so I was stuck with 4 miles. (In case you have forgotten, I think running kinda sucks.  Its great for your heart, and I really do think the race will be an experience to always remember, so I am pushing through the pain, but I have no desire to ever run 8 miles at a time, ever!  Kudos to you if you are into that!) Right about minute 9, I wanted to turn around and walk back.  Since I will be running a hell of a lot more than 9 minutes during the race, I kept on.  I heard not once, not twice, but three, or maybe even four times, I think the water bottles are right around... here.  Or here.  Maybe here.  So after hearing that, getting my hopes up, and then being sorely disappointed, I said peace out ya'll, and started on the way back.  I hear, Hey, we are almost there, come back. I shook my head no, and started walking.  I finally felt I had my breath back to run a bit more, so I did.  I am glad I had my phone with me because my girlfriend texted me, and I called her during my run!  Oh yes, I went there.  Funny thing is- she was at the gym doing some cardio too.  So through our heavy breathing, and my physical sweat on the phone, I saw that I was really close to the finish line.  I had gotten a second wind after about 5 minutes of resting and light stretching, and I was bored, so I started walking up the path to see if I could see anyone's ponytail bobbing, and about a minute or two later, I did see one of my teammates!  Thank goodness.  I ran the last little chunk with her and then stretched out.  I couldn't wait for the others as it was pretty dark so I headed home.  I showered, had some ice cream, and went to bed shortly after that.

The next morning, I got fell out of bed.  I couldn't walk.  I finally fish tailed to a standing position and CAREFULLY, picked one foot up, and then the other.  I made it to the bathroom, and it hurt to sit on the toilet to pee.  I tried to brush my teeth, and the toothbrush felt heavy. Lifting the brush up to comb my hair was hilarity ensuing. If anyone would have seen me, they would have laughed, and my husband did, all morning long.  I'm pretty sure I stayed in my PJ's until 11 when I was forced to change because my kids had swim.  Even holding Li'l Guy in the parent/tot swim class posed a challenge on my body.

The first time I had ever, in my life, ran more than two miles was the 5K, 3.2 miles on Saturday.  Then on Tuesday, I think that running almost 4 miles would be a good idea?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? And I had only taken one day to recover? Again, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Moral: Do not get mad at your pre-schooler for doing something he's not mentally ready to do.
Story: Big Guy did not get promoted from Preschool 3 Swim Class.  He was way better than all of the other kids in 1.  Better than all of the kids in 2.  In 3- standstill.  He really didn't progress at all.  He held onto his teacher's hand.  He wouldn't jump in without her there.  He wouldn't float on his back without someone under him.  He liked class, and never said he didn't want to go, but he just didn't get any better.  The teacher would report to me at the end of every class and say, we are a little nervous still, but we are working on it.  And I would see him from the other pool not doing what the other kids were, and I just got mad at him.  Instead of feeling good about him having a good time, learning to listen to the teacher, and learning water safety, I was more worried about him passing to the next level.  :(  He wants me to sign him up again, but if he doesn't get promoted this time, that's it buddy, never again!

Moral: Use your back up mirror.
Story: I hit my mom's car.  UGH! She backed out of my driveway, and THEN stopped in my cul-de-sac to put on her seatbelt.  She was kinda in the middle of the road when she stopped.  I backed out, looked around me, saw a huge truck parked to the right, so I turned to the left.  I didn't see anyone around me in my side mirrors, so I proceeded to go.  BOOM.  I put the car in drive and went up a couple of inches to see the damage I had done to my car by hitting my neighbors mailbox.  When I got out, I realized I was really far away from the corner, and then I see my Mom's car with a huge dent in the side.  FOR REAL?  DID I JUST HIT MY MOM?  AND WHY IN THE WORLD WAS MY MOM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?  She rolled down her window and assured me she wasn't hurt.  And I asked her why she was stopped, and she informed me she was putting her seat belt on.  WHO STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET TO PUT THEIR SEAT BELT ON? Oh, and how ironic that a couple of minutes before this happened, I prepaid the speeding ticket I got?  I hope I don't have to get a second job (or third) just to pay for my vehicle mishaps.

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