Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm sorry, body.

I have sat down three times to write an entry in this blog, but I get distracted every single time.  So, as I write, the Big Boy is downstairs playing X-Box with Dad, and the Li'l Guy is playing with a broken piece of wood  that once belonged to my computer desk.  The edges aren't too sharp, so it's ok, right?

I'm apologizing to my body for the events that transpired over the weekend, and thus, feeling the effects from it today. Friday night, I went to bed really late, knowing I had to wake up and run a 5K at the butt crack of dawn in the morning.  Well, that night/morning, I couldn't sleep because I was afraid my alarm wasn't going to go off.  So I opened my eyes at 5:30, 5:40, 6:00, 6:15, etc. until 6:40.  Prior to actually waking, I dreamt that I would get lost on my race the next morning. Here is the funny thing- I wasn't at all worried about the race.  I know it didn't really "mean" anything, other than indicating where we were compared to the rest of the group. I knew I was in the bottom tier, and I was really OK with that.  My strengths lie elsewhere (I'm a dance instructor, for heaven's sake), and I have only just begun actually training for this about a month ago.

Well before I left, I ate a piece of toast with peanut and some banana.  Gulped down some water, a swig of milk, and took an energy pill.  No, its nothing like the no-doz we took in college that made us crazy.  Well, its a lot like that, come to think of it.  My friend who recommended them told me the amount of caffeine was the same as a cup of coffee.  No big deal, right? Ha, coming from someone who has never had a cup of coffee in her life, it was a big deal. About 15 minutes later, I showed up to the run, in a really foul mood, and let all my other runner buddies know it.  (I apologize for being so nasty!)

Away we go.  These ladies hit that pavement hard and were off in a flash, just like that!  I run with my phone in hand and my speakers blaring, so it was probably good that I was well behind the group because I'm POSITIVE no one wanted to hear the zumba version of zoot suit riot, or the fuego remix, twice!  My third or fourth step, and my right ankle decided it was going to hurt.  Really, already?  Whatever dumb pain prone body- I'm gonna keep going.  I followed the arrows through the neighborhoods, up hills, down hills, past yard sellers and other runners.  I thought I was almost home free and then I saw the sign that said 2 miles.  Are you freaking kidding me, I have only run 2 miles?  Oy vey!

I knew I was close to the end, but I feel a sudden burst of energy, so I sprinted to the finish.  Some people call this a runner's high, I call it the pill starting to work.  I finished at 33 minutes and some odd seconds, which was about 4 minutes after the time before me, who stayed with the pack.  Not too bad.  I stayed around and talked for a while, and then I knew something was wrong when it was time to leave, and I ran to my car.  I got home, ran inside and wouldn't stop talking.  I ran up the stairs to shower, skipped down the hallway to get the kids clothes, and was finally ready to go. 

Fast forward to that night, I decided I wanted to go for a walk. My sweet friend came walking with me and we walked for 50 minutes around my neighborhood, which is quite hilly.  Saturday night, I went to bed late, again, but my babies slept in, so all was well.  Sunday, I try to rest from exercising, but I really wanted to go for another walk.  I ate ice cream and drank soda instead. 

This morning, my girlfriend asked me if I was going to meet her at the gym, so I did.  I ran 26 minutes on the treadmill, and immediately had to go to swim.  Right before I left the gym, she asked me if my knee was ok.  Oh yeah, it feels great, I responded. HAHAHAHAHA! During the tot and parent swim class at the Chinn center, (which I was 10 minutes late for and the class is only 30 minutes long) my knee started to burn. When I got home, my ankle and lower back decided they were going to start hurting too.

So now I am left wondering, is it all worth it?  I'm sorry, body.  I really am, but I think I'm gonna keep on truckin'!

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  1. You.Are.Awesome.

    Our bodies need to step it up anyway :)