Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 miles

When I started this running "journey," I could muster up enough energy to run 15 minutes, which was a little over a mile. Last week I consistently ran 3 miles, and although difficult, I didn't feel like I was going to have a heart attack or puke every time. To me, not dying, was a good sign that I could move on. So I decided to jump an entire mile. My math isn't great, but I'm pretty sure that's a 33 % jump in mileage.  Why didn't I try for a 1/2 of a mile, or even a 1/4 of a mile? I just thought 4 miles sounded good.  Again, this is no big deal to many other avid runners, but need I remind you, I dislike running.  Hey, its an improvement from saying I HATE or LOATHE it.

After taking 2 tylenol, pepto, a little "swaller" of water, and two bites of an energy chew, I met a couple of friends last night and one of them had a new route. She told us where we were going, and I SWEAR it was longer than 4 miles.  We headed out and two minutes in, there was a hill, a steep(ish) long (ish) hill.  I made it to the top, and was breathing like a mad woman. At minute 15, I had to start walking- side cramps.  They started on one side, went over to the next side, and settled low in my stomach, and usually I can run through it, but I was two running steps away from being picked up by an ambulance. I felt like I had caught my breath enough to go, and I only made it a few more minutes before I needed to walk again.

I turned the corner and decided I was being a pansy, and a few other choice words for myself, so I started running.  By this time, my buddies were far in front of me, and I couldn't see any pink or blue shirts anymore.  Another minute later, I see a couple of heads bobbing towards me.  Yes, they were coming back for me because I was THAT far behind them! We met up and I was off like a flash, I finally felt like I had my footing and could breathe and was a couple steps ahead of them, until the end was in sight.  Most people like to finish strong, and that makes sense, but walking to the end sounded perfect at that moment.

I got home an hour and a half after I left, (so we talked a bit) it was dark, and my husband was still playing video games, and my son was still watching! I put my son to bed, took a long shower, put on my robe, and grabbed a skinny cow ice cream sandwich.  I gotta have my dairy after a run, and ice cream is soooooo much better than skim milk, dontchya think?

So now, will I go back down in mileage, or will I stay at 4?


  1. Impressed that you're running at all. I loathe it and my husband asked me if I wanted to train to run a marathon the other day. gross.

  2. Corina, I love you and your blogs. They keep me going :)

  3. Thanks Trina. Lynnie, you should do it. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

  4. Stay at 4! You can do it! If you ever need to feel good about yourself, just run with me again so you can kick my butt. ;)