Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Thoughts

My day unfolds kind of like the postings of a twitter account.  And then I think of facebook posts, and usually when I am showering or relaxing, I think about all of the things that are blog worthy.  Nothing I have thought about today is worth its own blog post, so this will just be my random musings.

1. Why wear shoes outside?  Your floors are going to get dirty no matter what rule you instill in your home.  Besides, my swiffer sweeper vac and wet jet might get lonely if we don't track grime into our house.

2. No matter what kind of diaper change you THINK you are in for, put a pad under that bare bum-y.  Otherwise you might be pulling out the spot shot for your carpet, and the bleach for your robe.

3. Frosted animal crackers are a perfectly acceptable breakfast.  Its probably doesn't have any more sugar in it than that junk cereal most kids eat for breakfast anyways.

4. A piece of bread with spreadable butter is ALWAYS an appropriate snack.

5. Zucchini plants are bullies and like to take over the space.

6.  If cherry tomatoes don't see light, their color wont change. If you try to "turn" the plant so it lies differently, you will surely put a crack in the stem, and probably kill the plant anyways.  Green tomatoes are tasty, right?

7. If you want to be somewhere on time and it involves making food and packing for the day, just lower your expectations and expect to be over an hour late, so you don't get mad at yourself for not preparing the night before, or your children for not cooperating.

8. If your husband works from home, no matter how many times you tell your kids to stay out of the office, they will surely go in there.  No matter how many times you tell your husband to shut the door, he surely wont.

9. When your small child tells you he needs to go potty right now and you say go now and point to the port-o-potty, he thinks you are telling him to just go right where he is standing.

10. When same small child, 30 minutes later, says I have to "literally go right now," you look at the lifeguard, say you are sorry, and let the kid pee on the tree.  All the while the lifeguard is hysterically laughing seeing a 4 year old butt, and boy parts.

11. If your running buddy asks if you are going running tonight, and you hadn't really planned on it, say NO, or you are stuck running another 3 miles in less than 24 hours.

12. If at any time you are laying by the water and think to yourself, oh, I forgot to put sunblock on his back, you should probably do it right away.  Not doing so results in a very pink back on a pale skinned, blond haired little cutie.

12. The best part about coming home from the lake tired, is that you can put your little one straight to bed and the other one thinks you are playing with him if you even hold a car and move your hand every once in a while.

13.  When your body finally catches up with you from the zumba class followed by the very late run you took yesterday where you were haulin' butt, and you start to really hurt and drag, it might NOT be in your best interest to meet your friends for a run.

14.  Running shortly after eating chili is never a good idea.  period.

15.  But driving 7 miles out of your way to buy a mcflurry after running is always a good idea. period.

16.  There is nothing better in the world than kissing your children good night, even if they rub it off and say, "no kissies for you, only my daddy."

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  1. I really love your random thoughts. They run about the same as mine.