Friday, July 15, 2011


Going on vacay with one entire side of the family can be quite challenging at times. your "regular" schedule isnt so regular anymore. you dont really eat at your regular time, or eat your regular food. Your kids dont really have a regular sleep schedule, nor do you if your baby is in the room with you and screams for an hour every night. I have done more cleaning than regular, and a l?ot less watching TV. But I think the most annoying nuance is your body not being regular! You guys know what I mean... poop! My little guy either has a major blowout (hence the cleaning) or he doesnt go for a few days. My big boy, without fail, has to go while we are at the beach, or swimming in the pool, and not at his regular time at all. And eventhough I have run 11 miles this week, I am definitely NOT regular. I'm so looking forward to some regularity soon.

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