Saturday, July 2, 2011

When is too late?

While I am finishing off the last of the reduced fat oreo's, and I have NO idea how many I had, but it was definitely the majority of the package, I am thinking three things. 1- Oops, I shouldn't be eating this because I should be fasting, 2- I'm pretty sure I have an issue with control, and 3- how long do I let this go on before I take my broomstick and bang it on the floor. So I answered my own questions with 1- Who am I kidding, I have hypoglycemia and am miserable when I fast, 2- Oh well, at least they were reduced fat, RIGHT?, 3- I will refrain from floor banging and politely knock on their door and politely ask them to quiet down. 

Alright bloggy world, I have people living in my basement. (No, not the creepy people under the stairs type.) Minus an oven, there is a full apartment down there. They have a separate entrance, and really the only reason they come up here is to do laundry, or on the occasion that some of their extended family is over and the kids want to play with my son.  I am more than happy to have them come up here and play, except when its time for my children to go to bed, and when they ask me for snacks and drinks, especially if their parents are right downstairs!

 Child # 2 is an awesome sleeper and goes to bed around 8, and sleeps for 12 hours, usually.  Child # 1 takes after his Grandpa on my side, and Grandma on dad's side, who all need far less sleep than the norm. He often doesn't make it to bed until 9:30 or 10:00.  On very rare occasions, such as family is over late, he might go to bed after 10:30.  Yes, that is quite late for a 4 year old, I know. I also know everyone has a right to have family over, and have fun, and be loud. I don't want to take that away from them, but just how much loudness, and just how late should it go on before I say something?  

I, myself, stay up pretty late.  After putting Child # 1 to bed, I need my no kiddo time, and then if I have something that has to be completed, I wait til even my husband goes to bed before I can accomplish the task. I don't really have to be anywhere early tomorrow, and I am not doing anything too taxing, so I let the screaming continue 9:45, 10:00, 10:15. Around 10:30, I start to get annoyed, but still tolerable. At 10:45, I play bubble buster on my phone, and ignore it. Around 11:00, I get annoyed again,and at 11:15, I think, this has got to stop. Finally, at 11:26, I go downstairs.  I open the gate, start down the stairs, and remind myself to be polite.  Three knocks and the man opens the door, yes- "My children are waking up, could you please keep it down?"  He was very polite and told the kids who are 3, 4, 5, and 12, they need to stop playing.  I say "thanks" and walk back upstairs, sit down in my comfy, soft butt chair, and what do I hear?  The adults are now being loud. They are talking louder than their TV.  Hey do do's, if you are talking over your TV, and someone asks you to be quiet, wouldn't you start by turning your TV down? Oy vey! No wonder I dive into cookies and just can't stop myself!

Jokes aside, these people are pretty nice, but what do you think, is 11:30 too late?


  1. Yes, it's too late. Especially if it's waking up your kids.

  2. Yes. It's called consideration and respect for others.