Saturday, July 9, 2011

Small isn't always bad.

Bloggy World, It's been too long!  Last Sunday, we had that storm that ripped through the Northern Virginia area, at which point we lost our internet and TV.  It wasn't until Wednesday that we got our TV back, and it wasn't until Friday when the repairman came out and we were up and running with internet.  Thank goodness I have a smart phone and I was able to do the necessities of life, like check facebook and email, on that machine.

I have had so much to write about, but since I am long-winded as it is, I will just stick to one thought: Being small isn't always a bad thing. And the small part I am talking about is boobs!  Sure, I am mistaken for a prepubescent  boy, especially since I just got my locks chopped off, but I am secure enough in who I am for that to not bother me.  Also, when I eat pizza or ice cream, my stomach sticks out further than my top half, but one good run, and it isn't an issue anymore. So I'm OK with that, too.

 I can fit into girl's sizes on top, which are usually a bit cheaper than juniors or misses sizes :) Being small on top is also great for working out!  No bra under sports bra, or double sports bra for me, ever.   But I think the part I like best, is all the room I have inside of the sports bra.

I took a run the other night and finally bought some headphones because I want to keep my friends.  I am SURE they are sick of listening to Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk for the tenth time- from MY phone.  It was also ridiculously hot that night, so I brought a baton-like water bottle with me.  Its maybe 10 inches and fairly thin, so its easy to carry.

Halfway through my workout, I decided I was annoyed with carrying the water bottle.  I shoved that thing right between the girls. There it was, right beside of my cords for my headphones. They were nestled next to each other, but not too cramped, or too tight.  It was perfect. That is until I realized that the lid wasn't on tight enough and water was spilling all over me.

Water was everywhere.  My shirt was absolutely drenched.  The cords were drenched. Even the front of my pants were drenched. The mix of sweat and water made me wearing a shirt unbearable, so I took it off when my run was over.  There were a couple of guys working on the road, and they were staring.  They were probably wondering why that boy was wearing a sports bra (ha!)

Now that I know my water bottle fits right there perfectly, I'll make sure the lid is on tighter, and I will try again tonight.  I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Hmmm... why are you jealous? Are you well endowed? And curious if we know each other.

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