Monday, July 18, 2011

Sugar Shock

My body is in detox mode from the sugar shock conundrum that was last week, while I was on vacay.  I use the word conundrum because even for a self proclaimed sugar junkie, it was confusing how so much sugar ended up in one pantry. There was cake and frosting, ice cream with sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and whatever else you wanted to put on top.  I partook of one (or two and a half) chocolate cupcake with a cream filling and chocolate ganache topping.  There were s'mores, of which I only had one bite, however, there were a lot of leftover marshmallow's, of which I had many bites.  But the worst of all, was the sheer amount of cookies in the house.  Regular Oreos, gold Oreos, chocolate chip, rainbow chocolate chip, and even Fig Newtons (which aren't really a cookie, but they don't neatly fit into any other category.) Every time I would pass the pantry, I would have at least one cookie.  I have no idea how many cookies I consumed in one week, nor do I want to know. And I know I didn't burn enough calories running to cancel out what I ate in sugar.

Now we are home and I am planning on eating a little more healthy.  Don't worry bloggy world, a little more healthy to me means something totally different than it means to the rational world.  Here are examples of a little more healthy: two or three cookies a day instead of two or three before lunch, two pieces of pizza instead of four, not adding extra salt and sprinkle cheese to my Velveeta shells and cheese, a burger and 1/2 of the fries instead of the burger, extra bacon, and cheese fries. I think I can do it! Mmmmm..... cheese fries.

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