Sunday, April 17, 2011

I can't kick this habit

My french fry and soda habit.  I just can't seem to let go of the goodness of the deep fried, oily, salty, straight from a hole in the ground potato.  And washing it down with some bubbly, artificially sweetened, and caffeinated beverage.  I know these two things are bad for me.  I know they are contributing to the small lumps overtop of my low-rise jeans, that we affectionately call "muffin top."

For some of us, it is the mini-muffins, for others, it is the normal muffins that you bake at home out of the muffin pan, and there are a few out there whose muffin tops resemble the muffins they sell at the bakery for a ridiculous price because they look like they have gone on steroids.  Wherever you are on the muffin top number line, I am sure if you had my habit, you would be one above where you currently are.  Like I have said before, I have small mid-section, but this post-30 and two baby back/side fat is JUST NOT COOL.  But yet, I still partake in processed potatoes and chemically enhanced beverage.

I wonder what it would take for me to stop.  If a fairy came down and said " CD, I will grant you boobs if you stop partaking of that crap," then I would do it. They wouldn't have to say what size at all, really, because I will take any.  It has to be more than what I currently have. My mom told me if you lost all of your baby weight and nursed for a significant amount of time, then your breasts would get smaller.  Whatever, there was no way my natural nearly B's could get smaller, right?  WRONG.  I don't know why I thought they would stay the same perky C's they were when they were filled with baby food.  Maybe I was hoping, and wishing, and praying (name that tune) that a water balloon would stay the same size filled and popped.  So now I am stuck buying EXPENSIVE padded bra's, so I don't look like a prepubescent boy. (From the front only, cause everyone knows baby got back).  Thanks Collin and Kyle!

On a happy note, I worked out 3 times last week.  And this week I get to teach my first Zumba class. I think I'm headed in a good fitness direction.


  1. Target sells the add 2 cup sizes bra, the Victoria Secret "Miraculous" bra substitute. It's $15 vs. $60!

  2. Is it comfy? Most push-up/padded bra's are not comfortable to me :(