Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ok. You know that gross woman who inches her way up to the front of the class, is 10 minutes late and then proceeds to breathe heavy and sweat all over the floor? That was me last night in my Zumba class.( At least I had the courtesy to brush my teeth and wear deodorant, unlike many other people in the class.) I am NOT a glistener.  I am a sweat-er. (No, sweating that much does NOT mean I am totally out of shape because I don't work out enough.) As my smooth dancing, forty seven year old classmate, who has a rockin' body, and a great demeanor said- "Sweat it out girl, get them nasty toxins out.  The more sweat, the better!"

I am grumpy when I miss my Mondy night class. The instructor is just OK and her music is OK, but I HAVE to go to that class. I have a couple of acquaintances in the class that I get silly with, and a buddy saves me a place up front. Some weeks, this is the only time I actually make it to the gym.  Sad, I know!  If I don't go on Monday night, I feel like the rest of my week is already shot to Hades.

Would I like the class more if the instructor switched moves after an eight-count instead of right in the middle? Probably. Would I like the class more if she faced us for any amount of time instead of just watching herself dance with hip-hop rhythm, even to Latin inspired songs in the mirror?  Probably.  Would I try as hard to make it to her other classes if she had a wider variety of music? Probably. 

And now I really want to go because I have some competition, because the girl behind me out-danced me last night?!!!  Lol!  Go new girl, Go new girl, go head, its your birthday :)

So I did make it to the gym at least once this week, lets go for twice- then I will make some pizza and eat cookies! (Oh wait, I do that whether I work out or not!)

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  1. I am a sweat-er too. It's a bummer, especially in summer, but I'm glad I'm not the only one!