Saturday, April 9, 2011

My house smells like crap!

Literally, my house smells like crap.

When I go grocery shopping, and there is no alternative to what I need, I just pick it up, regardless of the price;  green -peppers and squash for example.  Neither one of those really come canned, and there isn't a "cheaper" vegetable that can replace either one of those.  Peppers are just plain expensive!

At the grocery store, I always do a ballpark figure of how much my bill is going to be as I am waiting in line, as to not have that surprised look on my face when the clerk spouts off a larger number than I had anticipated.  I am usually within $10, so thats pretty good.  Well, as I was leaving Wegman's a month ago, the cashier said- "OK, that will be $105."(There are only 4 of us and we do our bulk shopping at BJ's and our miscellaneous shopping at Target.) I'm pretty sure I did the whole widen my eyes and shake my head as to say "a whata what?" But without saying a word, I swiped my credit card wrangled my whiny child who only got to choose one type of candy instead of two.  I put my three bags of groceries in the trunk, got the kids belted in, and then sat in the Wegman's parking lot reviewing the bill.
Hamburger- 9
Steak- 21
Raspberries- 4
Bread- 3.50 (I know, I can't palate anything but the multi-grain anymore.)
Pizza- 7.00
Frozen lunches- 3.00

OK- you get the idea.  So I decided that day that I was going to plant a garden.  Dangit, if food was going to be that expensive, at least I can offset the cost by growing my own vegetables.
Ummm, did I forget that we lived in Virginia and it has been cold as hell this winter? 

So I started my garden inside.  I bought the seeds, the soil, and the seed starter box.  I planted them outside on a relatively nice day, with the help of my baby and pre-schooler- oh boy were they big helps! ha!
I put them on my dining room table and opened up the blinds.  Man did those suckers sprout up right away.    I transplanted them to cups in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago, and then early this morning, I transplanted them again, into their new boxes,  until we can crack through our clay soil, and its warm and sunny enough for the veggies to go outside. 

I went into the garage, got the bag of garden soil, and brought it inside so I didn't have to keep going outside.  BAD IDEA.  What was I thinking?  I brought animal poop inside of my house, mixed it all up and got my fingers all dirty in it.  And then I was surprised  and couldn't figure out what that wretched smell was.  (The big boy's exact words- "Mom, what is that wretched smell?")  We left for a birthday party, and came home five hours later.  The smell was worse.  I sprayed the mess out of the house with Lysol, which is potent, and you could still smell the wretched smell.  We went to dinner, came home, and my son wouldn't even come inside of the house it smelled so bad.  I said aloud, "Man it smells like crap in here."  Oh, that's because there is CRAP in here. 

I'm so grateful tomorrow is going to be a nice day cause those windows are comin' open!

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