Friday, April 8, 2011

I was determined

to sleep in today.  I was mad at the other half, so I decided he was going to get up with the kids whether he liked it or not.  I slept in for sure.  I planned on going to the gym. That didn't happen.  I planned on zooming by the  pre-school my son will be going to next fall, that didn't happen.  I planned on doing the dishes, oh darn- that didn't happen either!

I did manage to take a shower- go me!  And then I stepped on the scale.  I'm not sure why I was thinking the number on the scale wasn't going to change from a couple of days ago.  I mean I had four meals yesterday, and ate three snacks the day before.  Duh!  Oh well, one of these days I will get back into a rhythm with working out and maybe eating a little better! Maybe?! 

(FYI, my little one has been carrying around a curling iron for the last half hour!)

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