Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today- Oy Vey

No, I'm not Jewish, but I say Oy Vey a lot!  It pretty much sums up everything.  And it definitely summed up today.

I'm a pretty small person.  I gained over 40 with both of my kiddos and then lost it quite quickly. But the week I stopped breastfeeding, I started to gain my weight back.  I've gained about 4 pounds in a couple of months, which doesn't seem like a lot, but was about four percent of my body weight at the time. Even thought I'm still slender, there is no tone or definition to my body anymore.  Muffin top, back fat, bra fat, under arm wave, yep, in small proportions, its there. And here is the kicker, I have ALWAYS had a really thin, tight stomach. Honestly, I got "best abs" in the Senior Superlatives and that reputation, and tummy went to college with me. And then I had kids, then I turned 30, then I stopped working out regularly, then I quit coaching, then I- you get the point?

So I started off the day with my cup of water, freshly brewed cup of hot cocoa (100), and egg bread/french toast (150) with a little bit of syrup (25).  Not too bad, right?

Then for lunch I had a lean cuisine rice meal (280) and a soda (140).  Still pretty good?

Then I went to Wegman's- kinda hungry.  I had M & M's (220) for snack.  Small piece of steak (200), a lot of basmati brown rice (170), and some green beans (50), and a diet soda this time. That's ok, it could be worse. And it does....

100 calorie pack cupcakes, 100 calorie pack nutty buddy bar.

Then my sweet son offered me pretzels to share with him, (110) and a half piece of cheese (40) and I just couldn't resist! 

Add that up people, that's 1585. Seriously? I should probably hit the gym since it's 150 calories over what I should be eating.

Think I shouldn't be counting calories- you figure out a better way to insure that my once fitted jeans fit again. Jeans are expensive people, expensive I tell ya!

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