Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Week of Doom

Seriously, it has been a week since I last posted?  Well let me tell you, this has been the week of doom as far as eating and exercising goes.  I missed my Monday night Zumba class, and you all know how important that is to me. I was watching my nephews and neice, who by the way, ate all of my snacks, even my fruit! Then, I opted to go support my husband and watch the soccer game that he was coaching.  Which is kind of a joke because FP was playing Pot, and they had to quit early due to the slaughter rule! Yes, I played soccer for Pot, and they are worse now than they were then!  So last night, I certainly couldn't workout because I just had my hair highlighted and couldn't sweat on a fresh color and style. This evening, I MIGHT be able to go, however, my mom said she was coming over to get a pattern from me.  (If you are thinking, wow, CDJ sews!?  Rest assured, I do not.  While my mom is perfectly capable of getting on her own computer and looking at a pattern for a quilt, she is all frazzled because the link is within a BLOG.  And she even said- "The young people shouldn't force the old people to do things their way.  I will pay $.05 to make copies of a pattern if they need it." HA) I am supposed to go tomorrow morning, but I'm sure there will be some perfectly good explanation why I can't go, and I'm sure I will blog about it, so you, the bloggy world, can either understand, or get annoyed that I have come up with yet another excuse!

So it wouldn't be SOOO tragic that I haven't made it to the gym, except for the fact that candy Easter happened. The Easter bunny did not bring us THAT much candy, however, the Easter Egg Hunts provided far more loot than I cared, or hoped for. I actually threw away 1/2 of a ziplock bag of candy because it was too much and I was eating too much.  Lets face it, when my 1 year old goes around saying " this... good... good" and pointing to candy, I've failed to lead by being a good example of healthy eating.  If my Big Boy wants candy, he gets it, because I want it too.  Curse you Pagan Christians, YOU SUCK!  If the candy I already had wasn't enough, I stopped by 7-11 the other day and saw CARAMEL CADBURY EGGS for 1/2 off. Heaven has fallen upon me. *insert angels singing* I only bought 2, but told my spawn I would share with him.  He reminded me as I was eating my second one, so I gave him a small bite.

I know there is some comedic relief in my blog because then you guys feel better about yourselves, but seriously- my sweetorexia is getting out of control.  Next Sweetaholics Anonymous Meeting is at my house.  Who's in?

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  1. Me. I'm getting ready to throw all the candy away. I bought not a single piece but my father-in-law spent at least $100 on candy for 3 families at Easter. Barf.