Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy and 5.

Bloggy World,

Its been over a month since I have graced you with my slightly sarcastic, yet, very truthful writings and musings. I've been busy! Since I wrote you last, I
1- successfully pulled off an entire cheer and dance competition. (Lets forget about the part where there were 5 missing trophies, and this was not realized until the emcee was calling out winners and I ran out of trophies.)  Through all of this, I've realized my days of being a head coach are numbered.  I don't know if I will ever get out of the cheer/dance world, but being an assistant, or just choreographing and/or judging seems more up my alley right now.
2- I've pretty much stopped running, minus two miles here, or three there.  I do feel a bit antsy about letting this slip, but I REFUSE to run in 30 degree weather.
3- I've taught zumba only one time in the entire month.  It seems that everyone has an excuse for why they can't come.
4- We had Christmas Eve with the Jones', Christmas Day at our house, Christmas night at the Boyce's, then the day after Christmas with the Jones' again.
5- We went to Florida.  We were in a pretty nice hotel, where they didn't have washing machines and dryers available for guests to do themselves.  We could get our laundry done, by housekeeping, for a small fee of around 5 bucks per garment. So, we all ran out of clothes, and I'm pretty sure my husband wore the same pair of jeans more than twice.  I may or may not have done the same.
And while you Virginian's had 60 degree weather here, I had 84 degree weather, and certainly was in my bathing suit, floating on the lazy river!
6- We went to Sea World.  The Big Boy did not want to do Disney at all.  He really wanted to go to Sea World, and since my hubby and I didn't care, we obliged him and went.  It was pricey, but the 5 hours we spent there were great!  We saw an animal show, complete with dogs, cats, birds, pigs, and even a skunk.  We got to watch the whale show- this was amazing, and NO, none of the trainers were pinned to the bottom by their angry whale this time.
7- We hired a babysitter (two of the soccer players) to play DS with our older son, and also monitor the little one who was sleeping, so we could do something for New Years.  Our big night out was eating a meal in the hotel lobby.  We did, however, see fireworks through the window.  That was a plus.
8- I've had practices and performances with my girls.
9- I've waited for more people to show up for Zumba.
10- I've eaten A LOT of sweets.  Yep, I'm still at it.  Yikes!
11- I've gained several pounds- most likely due to numbers 10 and 2.
12- My parents live in a home which the original home is 80 years old.  My brother gutted and redid their bathroom as a Christmas gift.  I will be putting new front doors on their home.  Hopefully these fixes will make them more comfortable in their old, almost historic home.
13- The person who quite literally changed my life is 5.  Today is his actual birthday, but we celebrated it on Saturday with 16 other kids.  NO lie.  There were 16 kids under 15, 90% of them were under 6, and very boy heavy.  Collin was able to have a couple of his friends from school come over and he was so excited about that.  We had pizza, pinata, coloring pages, played duck duck goose, soccer, lots of wrestling the bigger kids, lots of candy, and of course, cake, ice cream, and presents.  No one got hurt until the little kid who was hiding under the table with his other buddies stealing people's candy, hit his head on the table going to get his goody bag.  That was the only casualty.  I'd say it was a pretty good day.

 I love my little guy.  He went from being the guy of my dreams, to the kid who amazes me every day, to the kid I couldn't wait to send to preschool cause he was driving me crazy, to a perfect mix of a small child, and an older kid.  I know everyone thinks their first born is super smart, and I'm no exception to that thought.

Until next time bloggy world!