Monday, April 1, 2013

Fashion no no's

Yes. I am guilty of making almost every fashion faux pas there is, but I know what does and does not look good. I also lack the desire to spend ridiculous amounts of money on looking cute all the time. Yes, I am a brand whore...if you count target brands. And I aint talking about the "guest" designers whose clothes are still expensive and quite ugly.
So here are a few tips...
- high waisted anything is only cute on a stick.
- bangs are super cute on some people, not everyone. If you are and can rock the bangs, make sure they dont come from the back of your head.
- skinny jeans do not look good on every body or bootie. Painted on jeans look good on no one.
- if your toes arent painted or pedicured, dont wear flip flops.
-Making rainbow stripes on your eyelids look dumb. As does wearing every day make-up as if you are on a stage for a production or competition, or "other."

There are other tips I could give, but I will stop there, since I will probably be embarrassing myself.

So bloggy friends, what is your fashion peeve?