Thursday, January 24, 2013


I don't have a food addiction, I have an eating addiction.  It used to just be a sugar addiction, but now it is an anything I can get my grubby hands on, less baby food mush.  I draw the line there.  But its a really small line.  If my kids don't finish something, which is happening all too often these days, there aren't starving kids in Africa, there is a starving Mom right here. Left over snack- I will take it.  I can't put a scoop of potatoes in the fridge, I'll just eat them!  I eat lunch, and an hour later, I am thinking about what to eat for dinner, and trying to figure out some convincing argument for ordering out or going out to eat... just so there is no mess in my kitchen. (Yes, I abhor dishes duty. I get bitter when I am the only one doing dishes.  My babies daddy does help in the fight against the double stack sink, but I want more.  I would rather clean the toilet than do the dishes.  But I digress.)  So, as I sit here, with my pants above my waist because they are too tight on my actual waist, I reflect on my eating choices for the day.  I ate entirely too much. It's almost 10 at night, and I am super hungry.  Anyone have any coping mechanisms for eating addictions and those that love them?  No, really. I'm serious.