Monday, September 3, 2012

Few Months

The last few months have been... a little busy for me. I've wholly neglected my blog, and I'm sorry for you!  You aren't privy to all of the antics and going on's in my life. And I am sure you are just sitting by your computer, refreshing this site and just waiting for me to write something inquisitive and life altering?  No, not really?  Oh, whew- that's a lot of pressure off of me. Well, in case you even had an inkling of wondering what myself and my family have been up to, I actually have some pictures to post!

 My kids actin' a fools.

 GWL in Williamsburg

(That Chucky looking doll to the left looks like he's about to pounce on my kiddos)

Virginia Beach

And of course, we welcomed a sweet baby into our home

And a couple of weeks ago, we went to the fair.  YES- WITH A NEWBORN

(blackmail pic of me!!!)

Goodbye summer, and hello to a new era of my life- having a kid in school!  I'm figuring out how to juggle this crazy thing I call my life.  I'm sure my next post will have something to do with how I'm failing to kick my sugar or soda addiction.  Until then, bloggy world!