Monday, February 20, 2012

Clothes shopping, no thanks!

I NEVER thought I wouldn't want to go shopping for new clothes.  I do love to shop, and I really love clearance racks at stores.  I don't care if it was last season's shirt, if it has a red tag on it, I'm happy.  But right now, I don't want to buy anything!  I'm almost 4 months pregnant, and I'm not one of those adorable pregnant ladies who just have a belly, but nothing else grows.  Nope, I grow everywhere- (well, except for my boobs, which is the one place I really want to grow.)  A lot of people *think* I am all stomach, but really, my butt, legs, and hips spread right away.  Since this is hopefully my last pregnancy, I really don't want to dump money into buying a new maternity wardrobe.  I went through all the clothes I wore with the other kiddo's and they are all work clothes.  I guess I could wear slacks and button up shirts everyday, but one thing that prego ladies know is you gotta be comfortable! So here I am at an impasse with being not quite big enough for maternity clothes, but too big for my normal fitted attire. Ugh!