Sunday, August 12, 2012


 Blake's birthday :)

Sunday, August 5, around 7:30 pm- Drop boys off at Grandma Jones', pick up a burger and a McFlurry on the way home
Monday, August 6, 6 ish- Wake up, take a shower, make sure the bag is packed.  Wait for my mom.
7 (ish)- get to the hospital, wait, and wait, and wait in my room until someone from registration comes in
8- nurse comes in, hands me my stylish gown, and tells me to put it on
8:05- change, WATER BREAKS! nice timing!
8:10- nurse asks 1000 questions, lay in bed, get my IV
8:15- get pitocin (and i ask why am i getting pitocin since my labor has already begun- she informs me it is on the smallest dosage and is barely doing anything)
8:30- feel contractions- damnit- back labor again- my mom helps me breathe through it
8:50-  husband leaves- sigh- he better be back before this baby makes his appearance
9:15- epidural- a hundred more questions- try 1, nope, try 2, wrong spot, try 3, oops, not there either, try 4- well maybe this will work- ok- lay down-
9:20- Ummm- my lower right leg is numb, but I can feel absolutely everything else.
9:30- Epidural clearly not working, anesthesiologist decides I need a spinal block.  So we start the process all over again, with one numb side, and still have back, and now front contractions.
9:45- I can still feel my left hip area, and the contractions/feet in my ribs.  I'm laying in an uncomfortable position, and having a hard time breathing.
10:30- anesthesiologist number 2 comes in, fiddles with machine, gives me something, rolls me to my left side, and I finally feel decent. Thank you Dr. Karp. (Had this guy with Kyle, he was amazing.  We asked for him this time, but he was down in the OR-sigh)
11:00- 5 centimeters checked by nurse- shouldn't my doc be here?
11:35- call Chris and tell him to bring me lollipop and gum, and by the way, why was my pitocin turned up?
11:50- call back Chris and tell him not to stop for lollipop and to speed cause I could tell this guy was coming fast
12- Chris walks in, whew! I'm ready to go!
12:20- Dr comes in, checks me, I'm all the way, but says we can hold off on pushing. Really? Its a good thing most my lower half was numb, because the contractions were definitely close and long. (I could STILL feel him up under my ribs.)
12:30- Nurse gives me my second round of antibiotics and talks soccer with my husband.
1- Doctor comes in, I get cleaned up and prepped, he gets cleaned up and prepped, and I start pushing a few minutes later.(Remember, I'm still numb, so figuring out how to bear down to push and not tighten with my face was a challenge.)
1:25 ish- Dr. says- good gracious he has a big head.  Do all of your kids have big heads?  YES- YES THEY DO!
1:32- Baby! They plopped him on top of me, which I think is a bit gross, but whatever!, and I said- awww- he looks like my other two.  They all commented on how big and beautiful his umbilical cord was- (umm- gross again!) then they cleaned him off, and I heard the cry.  BEST SOUND EVER.
1:45- getting stitches as my Doctor talks to me about how his friends are servers and bartenders, so he can't play with them during the week since he has a big boy job.
1:50 ish- I get to hold my baby and the nurse asked me to try to nurse him.  He wasn't too interested, but after trying for a little bit, he latched right on.  Good boy!

Blake Christopher Jones, 8 pounds 5.7 ounces, 21 1/2 inches long, noggin size- big!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I guess we will have to evict this little guy after all.  Although we haven't quite reached my due date, I was never pregnant this far along with my other two.  By now, I would be up tending to the needs of a new baby, instead of still so uncomfortable and not able to sleep.  5 out of the 7 nights last week, I thought I was going into labor.  I had plenty of painful, oh my gosh I can't possibly take this anymore, contractions, that lasted through the night, but had subsided in the morning. I even told my husband to pack a bag for himself one night, because tonight was the night.  WRONG! I was very surprised when all of the typical labor pains brought along no physical changes at my latest appointment.

This has by far been the hardest pregnancy to date.  The factors are many- the fact that it's summer, I'm in my 30's now, my 5 year old has become a really difficult child who is testing his limits and being disrespectful to everyone, my 2 year old is either so full of energy that I can't keep up with him, or he is crying and screaming, I am carrying this baby directly out front which is putting pressure on my ribs, my upper and lower back, and even my neck, and the heart burn/acid reflux is really bad this go round.

With all of the negative things going on, I was very grateful for today. I had a dear friend throw myself and another friend a baby "sprinkle" today.  (The kind where there is no registering, no big frills or games, just some food, good friends, a few presents, and a lot of laughs.)  Although, I didn't really feel deserving, seeing as this is my third BOY, I am so appreciative for everyone who attended and contributed, and I really feel blessed to be surrounded by sweet people.  Especially at this time, when my sarcasm level has gone up 18 notches, because I am so sick of being prego!

Babies are blessings, I know they are, and I am sure when I meet my little guy I will fall in love with him, but right now, that eviction notice can't come soon enough :)