Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Lets face it. Some hashtags are just plain dumb. Some are hilarious! The use of hashtags in its intended form, is to group topics and trends.  It was started for twitter, filtered into instagram, and facebook, and probably the other social media sites the teenagers frequent that I'm not privy to since I coach and I would find out all of their naughtiness if they allowed me to see it!

Here are some of my very true #sorryimnotsorry hashtags

I have been sitting on my butt the greater part of this morning #sorryimnotsorry

There is a huge stack of unfolded clean laundry that I literally have to push out of the way to get around #sorryimnotsorry

Its been there for almost 3 days #sorryimnotsorry

I fantasize about bed time from the moment my kids wake up #sorryimnotsorry

I exercise a great amount of control not lashing out on my unruly children every damn morning #sorryimnotsorry

Most days, I do get angry and raise my voice #sorryimnotsorry

I'm unsure the last time my oldest son showered #sorryimnotsorry

My first grader has 12 tardies this school year, only about half are excused #sorryimnotsorry

My middle kid keeps asking me for food, and I keep telling him to wait til his snack digests #sorryimnotsorry

I hit decline every single time the sub hotline calls me #sorryimnotsorry

I kind of wanted another snow day or two hour delay in March when I worked outside of the home every other day #sorryimnotsorry

64, no sun, and windy is NOT a nice day out and NO I don't want to play outside #sorryimnotsorry

I don't really care if my kids put on already worn socks or jeans, as long as they dont smell bad or have a stain #sorryimnotsorry

There are so many more in my head, but I will stop there. Until next time, bloggy world!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sickies- this blog post is DISGUSTING

This past week has been one from hell!  Seriously, there was a fiery furnace and an evil tempter here.  Two out of the three of my boys had high temps, all three of them puked on and off throughout the week, and all of them had the bubble guts, which we affectionately call "poop soup" in our home.

Kyle and Blake were puking on the same days and Collin followed suit several days later.  Collin was able to make it into the bathroom every time, but the other two were not.  Kyle would come into my room in the middle of the night, say "I puked" as he was trying to lay in my bed.  Blakey would wake up in the middle of the night, cry for just a brief period of time (par for the course with him), and immediately go back to bed.  When I went to get him in the morning, he had a surprise waiting for me all over his bed, his clothes, his his crib,his floor, and most importantly, dried up in his hair.  So I was washing sheets in the middle of the night, and then four hours later, washing sheets again.  In between that, I was giving baths and showers, cleaning up nose bleeds (poor Collin), and trying to keep the house as straightened up as possible.

The day before Collin's 7th birthday, he was super sick, and was unable to make it to school.  He played DS, watched TV, and actually laid on the couch, for the majority of the day.  The next day 24 hours had passed without being a sickie, so I sent him to school.  Right before he left, he asked me if I was going to bring cupcakes for his birthday.  I said, thats the plan.  Guess what?  I never brought the cupcakes. :(
When he got home from school, I apologized profusely and told him I would definitely do it tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow morning came and went, and 10:20, their lunchtime, had passed, and I forgot again :(
I suck!

Lets see if next week is any better :)