Sunday, September 15, 2013

My long lost friends

Whats up homies?  You know you've missed me and my blogging antics, right?  Well, I was sitting on my couch downing full butter popcorn and watching the Honey Boo Boo commitment ceremony, and I decided I needed to rekindle my love of blogging with my love of all things fattening, for all of you to see.  So here I am!

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I love Hot Tamales.  Oh my gosh do I love them.  I can down a whole entire box in 5 minutes flat.  And stupid CVS, they always have a 2 for $3 sale.  Well, the other night I went running, and after you run 3 miles, you can eat whatever you want, right? So I opted against the brownie and decided to go with the Hot Tamales.  I was on my second box and I put them in my purse.  I put my purse down, and I hear it.  I hear the ping-ping-ping on the ground.  I heard every single last Hot Tamale hit my front porch.  Some even got stuck between the holes in the Welcome Mat. I walked inside with my head hanging low, my tongue on fire, and my belly bloated from only 1 box of Hot Tamales, instead of the 2 that I was supposed to have.  Hot Tamales at CVS, I'm coming for you this week, and I will have my revenge.

Well Bloggy Friends, Breaking Amish is on, and I need to pay attention to a religion that encourages shunning and only requires their community to get an 8th grade education, because all of that is so awesome!