Friday, February 6, 2015

Field Trip Day

My mom is my go to gal for daytime babysitting. Unfortunately, She broke her foot several weeks ago and gets to be on an awesome one leggedscooter (hooray for leg muscles) and a wheelchair for longer distances (hooray for arm muscles), but unfortunately she can't drive. (I know, I know what you are thinking "poor Corina, how are you ever going to get your relaxing day at the spa or have a session with your personal shopper- I know, poor me for sure!)
 Anyways, I realized this yesterday when I remembered Collin had a field trip today. I casually mentioned it to my friend that I might have to pull out from chaperoning the field trip. Without hesitation, she offered to watch my little guys. She's a mom of ten, so I didn't want her to have to spend her only free hours during the day watching someone else's kids, so I declined, but she offered again and reminded me that her life revolves around kids.

I accepted the offer and left a few notes for her, you know like- don't give Blake dairy or he will crap up the back of his diaper, or Kyle is the spawn of the devil when he plays too much X-box, so limit it to about 45 minutes.. .

We texted a few times while I was on the field trip. She snapped pics of her black toes and I sent her a pic of her adorable daughter, sandwiched in between a millipede and a "for the love of all things good make this nature woman stop talking" text. Next picture was Kyle-still playing the x-box, and Blake still watching. Oops on the 45 minutes! And when I got home and made him get off, the devils son appeared, just as predicted.

Seriously though, I am so grateful for friends like her who offer up her time, and mean it! Thank you my friend!

I can't stop... I won't stop...

Eating sugar. I gave not eating sugar a good go for about 2 days, and then I got the shakes, like a damn crack head. My body was all like, what are you doing to me, and where is that yummy goodness that puts fat on your butt and belly and decays your teeth? I need it, I want it. (Yes, my body speaks to me.) I love sugar. YUM!

As I am sitting here eating the crumbs left in the tostito's bag, I'm thinking about a brownie, or cookie, or hot chocolate, or something sweet and yummy and sugary. Because well, I deserve it! I had cabbage soup for dinner, I deserve dessert. I worked out today, I deserve a dessert. I only gave out two time-outs today, I deserve a dessert. I went into the freezing cold ice rink with a pre-schooler and a toddler who has communication delays, I DESERVE DESSERT! Tomorrow is my burfday- oh yeah, I'm getting me a dessert, or two!

Night bloggy world!