Thursday, June 4, 2015


I am in insurance hell this year. For the love of all things good, can we go back to the good old days? ...Here is what you owe, here is what percentage we cover... Now you have to have a M.D. to understand these people. And not to mention, every time I call, I get someone who does not speak English as a native language. Don't get me wrong my bi and tri lingual friends, I envy you and your ability to communicate in multiple languages. BUT... it is hard to understand someone on the phone when they have a thick accent. Couple that with talking about insurance, and oh boy... Also, could you people PUHLEEZ get a sense of humor. Chuckle when I make a little joke, put some fluctuating tones in your speech. Its not that hard. I would say being monotoned is "for the birds," but even the birds change their sound every now and again.

Between Blake receiving speech services from the PIE program, who is out of network and NO ONE told me,  to me getting my blood drawn at my ob/gyn because I don't have health care provider right now (who did tell us they were switching to out of network), I feel like I can trust no one in the health care field.

I know these people, programs, and offices aren't out to get me,but I feel like the level of money sucking incompetence is at a  premium. Because someone put in a code for routine care versus preventative care makes the difference between a 25 dollar bill and a 110 dollar bill.

And another thing... my insurance company's automated lady is STUPID. How dare I say to my child, while on hold, "not now sweetie," because if I do (and did) that dumb lady will send me back out to the main call center and I will have to start and FINISH the process all over again. Seriously, I was so close to sealing the deal when she sent me back. Well, we will see if my gap exception is granted or denied anywhere between " 2 days and 15 days."

Blah. Bye for now, my bloggy friends!

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